Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense
Adult Training Program Ages 14+

Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense Adult Training Program is designed to teach adult students how to instinctively avoid altercations, but if necessary, how to physically defend themselves against an adversary.

The self-defense concepts and the method in which the classes are taught instill the knowledge of how to defend yourself, while minimizing the chances of “freezing” or standing still during an altercation.

The curriculum is based upon Marc Bochner’s 23+ years of martial arts training with the intent of creating an effective, practical, and unique art; that works for everyone!

Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense curriculum is designed to develop a well-rounded set of self-defense skills that include, but are not limited to:

Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense Concepts

  • Listening and Trusting Your Intuition
  • Avoiding Altercations
  • Ways to Manage Your Fear
  • Verbally Defusing of Situations
  • Using Basic Instincts
  • Differences Between a Fight and a Self-Defense Situation
  • Stages of a Self-Defense Situation
  • Ranges of a Self-Defense Situation

Program Features

Proper Footwork

Footwork is essential to move your body out of the way of an adversary’s attack. Footwork is also important when striking, clinching, and throwing an adversary.

Striking Techniques

The art of Bochner’s Self-Defense uses self-defense strikes (open palms, hammer-fists, finger pokes, elbows, face rakes); conventional boxing strikes (jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts); leg and knee strikes.

Self-Defense Techniques

Students are taught self-defense techniques from a striking adversary and an adversary who attempts to grab and/or choke. Defenses from common chokes and grabs include (but are not limited to) front choke defenses, back chokes, lapel grabs, headlocks, bear hugs, tackle defense, defenses if pinned against a wall, push defense, and multiple attackers.

Jiu-Jitsu Joint Manipulations

Bochner’s Self-Defense includes small joint manipulations that focus on controlling an adversary’s wrist and hand. Applying joint manipulations is an effective way to control an adversary without excessive force. The manipulations are a favorite among law enforcement and security personal.

Ground Survival

The art of Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense teaches students how to survive if an altercation goes to the ground. Street grappling techniques that focus on striking vital areas of the adversary are taught, allowing a student to end the altercation quickly and return to his/her feet. The art of Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense includes a ground curriculum that includes positioning, joint manipulations, chokes, sweeps, and ways to control your adversary on the ground.


Ukemi, or the art of rolling and falling, is included in the system of Bochner’s Self-Defense. Ukemi teaches students how to protect themselves if they fall or are pushed to the ground or into a wall.

Jiu-Jitsu/Judo Throws and Takedowns

The art of Bochner’s Self-Defense includes knowledge of how to off balance an adversary and take him/her onto the ground.

Weapon Defenses

To complete the training, students learn the proper way to defend against an adversary who has a weapon. Weapon defenses include an adversary with a stick (or similar object), a knife, and a gun.

Live Training

As students progress through the curriculum, they perform live training rounds including grappling, sparring, and multiple attacker defenses. All training is performed in a controlled manner.

All live training is optional.

Scenario Training

In the dojo, realism is an important part of the training. The classes include scenario based defenses, where a “complete defense” may include a combination of all your skills – verbal defusing, self-defense training, striking, ground fighting, and weapon defenses. As the students progress, they will perform their self-defense techniques on a live adversary wearing a padded suit, which adds to the realism of the training. Training in Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense program is a great way to increase your confidence, meet new people, improve your discipline, and increase your overall fitness while learning to defend yourself. The instruction is done in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere, where students are willing to help each other out.

The art of Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense is adaptable for all interested individuals. If you have a concern about your participation please call 401-943-4100 or email [email protected]

Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense is designed for a person who wants to learn to defend themselves and/or protect his/her family.